Tony Roy, Kate Quigley and the gecko powered super bra.

By Kevin Peter Hickerson

gecko-foot-on-glassDr. Tony Roy is a mechanical engineer that went to school with Kevin at Caltech. They even used to work together on solar power. Tony took his passion for design, science and …well… boobs, and directed it all into a startup venture he founded with his wife, and is now on kickstarter, Kellie K Apparel. The secret ingredient is a material that mimics the sticky fingers of geckos, to stick better to skin (or almost anything else) to solve an age old problem of making strapless bras a little bit easier on their wearers.

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There is no way Jimmy can handle a whole hour of talking about lady parts without any adult supervision around, so the other hosts asked the very talented actress, tv host, and stand-up comedian, Kate Quigley, to help calm him down and explain it like it is. It’s safe to say this is probably the least safe for work episode yet!

Don’t forget to please help support the kickstarter for Kellie K Apparel and order your super bra today, or even if you don’t need extra support right now, fund the campaign just to get a sample of this amazing material.

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