Shyam Saladi and the randomly selected ion channels.

By Kevin Peter Hickerson

shyam-saladi-with-allShyam Saladi is a second year grad student at the California Institute of Technology studying biochemistry and molecular biophysics. He was quietly minding his own business in a library on the Caltech campus, when a panicked Surely You’re Joking co-host, Jimmy O Yang, approached him and asked if he wanted to be a randomly selected guest on the show. Not having a clue what SYJ was, who Jimmy is, or even what the show Silicon Valley is (he asked if it was a on Youtube), he agreed anyway (or may be because of). Keep in mind, Jimmy looks just like any random studious chinese girl and completely blends into the prestigious tech school’s student body, so Shyam had no reason to suspect that this was actually a famous comedian/actor that once got a standing ovation on the Arsenio Hall show and stars in a hit, Emmy nominated show on HBO.

shyam-saladi-with-kevinWhile Kevin was nervous about the experiment (knowing way too many shy Techers, as they are called), it turns out Jimmy’s plan was a great one! Shyam Saladi proves to be one hell of a good guest, telling us all kinds of facts about his research that may lead to mundane things like cures for cancer (oh and pretty much any other disease too). He hopes to continue this work as a professor someday, and when it comes to his bold view of medical breakthroughs of the future he is anything but just joking.

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