Emily Lakdawalla and the neon dendritic channels.

By Kevin Peter Hickerson

emily-micEmily Lakdawalla is Senior Editor of The Planetary Society, science writer and blogger. She has performed research work in geology, Mars topography, and science communication and education. When she’s not blogging or tweeting about science, she sometimes hangs with Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Lakdawalla has a B.A. in geology from Amherst College and Master of Science degree in planetary geology from Brown University and some of her favorite things are planets and zircons. As a geologist, it not surprising to hear her declare that some of her best friends are rocks.

6a00d8341bf7f753ef014e5f33dcba970c-500wiOn this episode she tells the Surely You’re Joking crew about the recent discoveries presented at the Division of Planetary Science of the American Astronomical Society.
At the meeting early November of this year, members of the New Horizons team showed off 3D pictures of nitrogen and water ice volcanoes on Pluto. Cassini probe passing right through a salt water geyser on Enceladus, maybe even spraying it with alien microbes.

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