Elena Murchikova, Matt Broussard and the disappearing quantum notebooks.

By Kevin Peter Hickerson

SONY DSCBorn and raised in Moscow, Dr. Elena Murchikova studies theoretical astrophysics at Caltech. She has won so many awards and fellowships in both Russia and the United States in economics, math, physics and astronomy, that they can’t even be listed here because it would literally melt your brain.

Elena graduated from Moscow State University with a perfect score and a diploma of specialist in theoretical physics and then later (2009) with the advanced degree of Candidate of Science in elementary particle physics. “Elementary” means easy, right?

Elena declined an offer of exam free entrance to any economic school of a choice back in Russia, so that she could focus on Physics instead.

In 2009, she moved to sunny London to study String Theory and then came to sunny California to study Astrophysics and try and figure out about how the universe works.

Currently, the Milky Way’s galactic center has her attention, and because of that interest she had the privilege of working alongside Kip Thorne and Jessica Chastain, on set of the Oscar winning blockbuster, Interstellar, as a consultant. She helped design the Dr. “Murph” Brand character including creating visually and theoretically accurate writing on blackboards, computers, and notebooks.

If that’s not enough, since 2014, Elena also has been a licensed pilot and she is the principal Investigator of an ALMA project probing accretion onto Sagittarius A*; our own Milky Way’s “Gargantua” and searching for the millisecond pulsars in the galactic center.

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