Bobak Ferdowsi and the battle of the Martian hairdos.

By Kevin Peter Hickerson

meet-bobak-ferdowsi-the-flight-director-with-the-mohawk-that-became-the-star-of-nasas-curiosity-landingBobak Ferdowsi, widely known as “Mohawk Guy”, is an systems engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).  Aside from helping to land the SUV sized, laser shooting,rover, Curiosity, unto the surface of Mars. On top of that small detail, he also did it sporting a mohawk, hence the nickname. A shoutout from President Obama and a twitterverse viral explosion later, and now Bobak has secured his place as an icon of American doism. Bobak drops into Surely You’re Joking to explain what it is like to out hair, previous SYJ guest, Adam Stelzner.

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