Konstantin Batygin, Amir K and the trillion percent certain discovery.

By Kevin Peter Hickerson

AmirK+Jimmy+GriffBlurry-kevinKonstantin Batygin is an asstant proffesor at Caltech. He studies planets and dwarf planets. This week is a good week for Prof. Batygin because he just discovered the ninth planet in our solar system. And he hasn’t even turned 30 yet! His advisor, Mike Brown, having “killed” Pluto’s planet status, was also part of the discovery. They found what is still being called Planet Nine, by indirect means by watching the motion of other dwarf planets. Also joined by the hilarious comedian Amir K, catch him in the film Tamir-k-1440he Pyramid, this month on HBO. Konstantin explains to Amir and the SYJ crew how certain he is that the new unnamed planet will found directly in the next few years.

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